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COLIN NELSON, MD,B.Ch.,F.R.C.S.(Edinburgh), F.R.C.S.(Canada)

Dr. Colin Nelson, director of the Victoria Corneal Laser Centre has been in ophthalmology practice in Victoria since 1980, specializing in corneal and cataract surgery. He is the most experienced laser refractive surgeon in Victoria and Vancouver Island.

As of Septmember 2004 he has personally performed over 10,000 laser vision correction procedures. Dr. Nelson still maintains a very personal and caring approach to each patient and treats each patient as an individual deserving the best possible care. He checks each patient's refraction personally and limits the number of laser vision correction patients to 6 per day.

Dr. Nelson has designed procedures for the prevention of flap wrinkles in LASIK and haze following PRK. He has published many articles and lectured widely in ophthalmology and is often consulted in difficult cases. Dr. Nelson has been the head surgeon at the Victoria Corneal Laser Centre since 1994. He has treated numerous colleagues, Victoria Corneal Laser Centre staff and members of his own family with laser vision correction.

Dr. Nelson trained in corneal diseases and surgery at the Corneo Plastic Centre in East Grinstead, England and continually retrains in new methods and procedures to remain on top of the latest advancements in technology.

Dr. Nelson has volunteered his time and expertise to the Medical Group Missions (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras), St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem, and the International Eye Foundation (St. Kitts).