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The benefits of laser eye surgery are endless and can improve quality of life both personally and professionally.

Imagine being free from glasses or contact lenses. To wake up and see the alarm clock, walk in the rain without foggy glasses, or play with your children in the water. Time and time again we hear how laser eye surgery has changed someone's life.  People can enjoy life to its fullest, take up sports they never dreamed of. Mountain climbing, water sports, snow skiing, these are just a few of the activities that have visual limitations.

For years laser eye surgery has opened the doors to many job opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach for someone with a spectacle dependency. Some of the organizations that recognize the benefits of laser surgery are RCMP, fire departments, police departments, Canadian Armed Forces and many more. Correction with LASIK or PRK allows our laser eye surgery Vancouver patients to meet the visual requirements set out in a particular profession.