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We are one of three  providers in British Columbia.

What is iLASIK?

iLASIK is a technology combination of the VISX S4 Custom Vue Wavefront with Iris Recognition and Intralase.  Commonly known as the "Blade Free LASIK"

Laser Equipment

King Vision/Victoria Corneal Laser Centre is committed to providing LASIK Vancouver / Edmonton patients with access to the very best laser vision correction equipment. Our technology is the VISX S4 Variable Spot Scanning Active Trak with Custom Cornea Wavefront guided with Iris Recognition laser system to provide a continuing level of excellence in laser vision correction.

Well over 1 million eyes have been treated by this laser system in the United States alone, including legendary golfer Tiger Woods. It is unique in its seven rotating beam design. Independent studies have shown that these rotating beams allow for virtually featureless sculpting of the corneal surface.

A featureless corneal surface following laser vision correction translates into better visual quality for the patient. The VISX S4 system with Custom Cornea Wavefront and Iris Recognition gives the surgeon total control over customizing laser vision correction to the specific needs of each individual eye.


The Intralase is a femtosecond laser that allows the surgeon to create a perfectly uniform LASIK flap blade free.