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Post-Op Checklist
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Preparing for Surgery

If you wear contact lenses or eye make-up there are a few restrictions in the days and weeks before surgery:


Soft Contact Lenses

Do not wear soft contact lenses for one week prior to the surgeon’s pre-operative exam and one week prior to surgery.


Toric Lenses

Do not wear Toric contact lenses for two weeks prior to the surgeon’s pre-operative exam and two weeks prior to surgery. Note: Often this means removing the lenses two weeks before your pre-operative exam, then leaving them out in the week between the exam and the surgery.


Hard Lenses

Do not wear hard contact lenses 2 days prior to the surgeon’s consultation appointment and the surgeon will then give you the timeline to have your contacts out prior to surgery. Typically it is one month for every 10 years of wear.


Eye Make-up

You will need to stop wearing eye make-up 72 hours before surgery.


Following these and other pre-op guidelines, which will be provided, is essential for our laser eye surgery Vancouver / Edmonton patients to achieve safe and optimal vision correction outcomes.