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Cataract Surgery and LASIK Testimonials

Dan Dickau: NBA player

“Having clear eye sight is amazing to me. I see better now than I did with contacts. I always had dry eyes and was uncomfortable with contacts in and I didn't like the look or feel of glasses. I am excited about how my upcoming season will go with “new eyes.” I wish I had done this years ago. My wife had it done at King LASIK a month before and loved it, so when I came in for my free consultation, I was sold.”

Would you recommend Lasik to your friends and family?

“Without a doubt, I already have!”

Gillian Foote: 100.3FM THE BEAR Morning Show: Edmonton, Alberta

"I've been wearing glasses and contacts for 15 years. My poor vision was very frustrating and I was tired of relying on contacts and glasses. Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK made me feel relaxed and confident about the LASIK Procedure. It was much easier than I expected! The day after, I had clear 20/15 vision and no pain. Recovery is so quick! The only thing I that I didn't do it SOONER. King LASIK is awesome!"

Adam Carolla: Nationally Syndicated Radio and TV Personality

"King LASIK is the place to go for LASIK. King LASIK uses NASA and Naval Aviator approved Blade-FREE Intralase LASIK. What if you move your eye? Well, they offer a tracking system on their lasers that automatically shuts off if your eye is off track. Trust your eyes to King LASIK."

Bridget the “Web Mistress”: KUFO Rock 101FM: Portland, OR

"I've had cruddy vision for 15 years now. I couldn't even see the big "E" if my left eye. The professionals at King LASIK walked me through all the options that were customized just for me. I am still amazed on how easy this process is with King LASIK."

Mike Arthur: News Director

“I'm extremely happy with how everything turned out. To say the results were incredible - would be an understatement. There are endless benefits to the LASIK. For me, the greatest surprise was how beautifully clear the distant mountains and blue sky now appear. Thank you, King LASIK!”

Vicky Martinez: K-HITS 106.7FM Morning Show DJ: Portland, OR

"My surgery went perfectly! I have a whole new perspective on life. I am so grateful for taking them steps in having LASIK. The staff at King LASIK was amazing; they made me feel so comfortable. You guys rock! Thanks for making me feel like royalty!"

Stuart Anderson: Teacher

“This surgery has changed my life forever. I am so grateful for the team at King LASIK for taking their time to answer all of my questions and really caring for me. It is such a great relief to be free from contacts and glasses each day of my active life. I would recommend King LASIK to anyone!”

Stephanie Traut: Dermatologist

“It's amazing how a few minutes completely changed my life! My fear was that my profession in dermatology is very visually oriented and after talking with Dr. King at King LASIK, I was educated about the technology that LASIK was possible for my vision. Clear vision is priceless and that's why I chose Dr. King to perform LASIK for me.”

Kirby Wilbur: KVI 570AM Radio DJ: Seattle, WA

"I trusted King LASIK to take care of my son Nathan when he had LASIK vision correction. I don't know how I can better express how much I trust Doctors King and the rest of the staff at King LASIK. For over 3 years I have been telling my KVI 570 audience how good they are at King LASIK. As a talk show host for over 13 years I know that my word is my most important asset with my audience."

Claire Day: LITE 107.9FM Morning Show Radio DJ: Boise, ID

“King LASIK has made my life easier! I have noticed everyday differences; it takes less time to get ready for bed and to get ready for work. No more dry eyes in movie theaters or from wearing my contacts all day. I love to go on long backpacking trips and now I won't have to pack my saline solution, contact case, and mirror...leaving me a lighter pack or even better, more room for food! The staff at King LASIK is professional and made me feel comfortable the day of my consultation and more importantly, the day of my procedure. If you ever considering LASIK, you'd be crazy not to go to King LASIK!”

Mike Jones: KZOK 102.5FM Radio DJ: Seattle, WA

"I receive emails from fans everyday about my LASIK procedure. I always say…my LASIK procedure from King LASIK was completely blade-less and completely pain free; improving my vision to 20/15!"

Gina Jones: Physician Assistant, Certified

"From my initial consult to my two-month follow-up today, I have been impressed with all the staff at King LASIK. As a healthcare provider, I want to be certain the care I receive is top-notch, and it is! It was so incredible to wake up the morning after my procedure and run with my dog, seeing everything perfectly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Isaac Ropp: The Fan 1080AM Sports Radio DJ: Portland, OR

"I was so tired of glasses and contacts. I had nothing to loose. I had 20/400 and I now have 20/20. I feel like I am looking through my contacts and glasses. I had no pain and when you wake up the next day, it's like night-and-day. I never have to put on glasses or put in contacts anymore! Trust me when I say that King LASIK is the best!"

Stacey Noles: Scan Coordinator

"Before LASIK, I couldn't do anything without my glasses. I couldn't even see the alarm clock next to my bed. Now, I can ride my motorcycle with sunglasses instead of glasses and I don't have to worry about losing them or breaking them when I'm rafting. It's wonderful!!!"

Bob Boyd: KVI 570AM Radio Sales Manager: Seattle, WA

“I was 20/500 before and now I see 20/20 thanks to Dr. King and King LASIK. I do a lot of snowmobiling and water skiing and having LASIK has made both sports so much more enjoyable. I don't have to worry about my glasses fogging or losing my contacts. I can actually see when I'm water skiing! Our family does a lot in the out-of-doors and King LASIK has made a huge difference for me. My experience was great and the staff made me feel very comfortable. I wish I had done it sooner!”

Gretchen Newell: Special Education teacher - Autism specialist

"I've been wearing glassed since the 1st grade. Because of my LASIK procedure I was able to enjoy a swim in Lake Washington and watch the Blue Angels fly overhead with perfect clarity."

Don O'Neill: 710 KIRO AM Radio Talk Show Host: Seattle, WA

“I'm a very active person and if you are too, you know that contacts and glasses are a hassle. That's why you'll love the team that Dr. King has put together. The atmosphere at King LASIK is full of relaxation – I would recommend King LASIK anytime!”

Montana: KZZE 106.3FM Radio DJ: Medford, OR

"There isn't one thing I didn't LOVE about my experience with King LASIK. The staff, the painless procedure, the attentiveness….I couldn't have asked for anything more. Without a doubt, the BEST thing I've ever done for myself! Don't you owe it to yourself to be rid of glasses forever?!”

David Boze: 770 KTTH AM Radio Talk Show Host: Seattle, WA

“Take it from me. You have absolutely nothing to worry about at King LASIK. Have confidence and call King LASIK today…I did.”


"I can't believe how crisp and clear everything is after my laser vision correction. I searched for the most experienced surgeon in the Pacific
North West that found Dr. Joe King. I would highly recommend the LASIK procedure- it's painless, quick and my clear vision has really made a
huge positive impact in my life!"

Brian Bishop: KRWQ 100.3FM Radio DJ: Medford, OR

“I had my LASIK done in the winter and enjoyed it right away, but when summer got here I had a whole new round of appreciation for it. Okay, I know I'll never make the PGA tour, but I love golf. When I wore glasses, I not only couldn't see the ball when I finally did hit a good shot, but my glasses caused a bending distortion when I'd try to line up a putt. Since my LASIK, my putting has really improved! And then there's the whole realm of water sports. From swimming to boating, it's such a joy to be able to see without glasses, and not having to put them on, then take them off, and then try to remember where they are. King LASIK has made my summers a lot more fun!”

Scotty: Rock 97 FM Radio DJ: Kennewick, WA

“I can give you many reasons as to why my life has been so much better since I had my LASIK procedure from King LASIK. Last month – I came up with another one: skiing! We recently went on a ski trip and it's so much more enjoyable and easy – not having to worry about my glasses or contacts. If you haven't called King LASIK yet, call them today!”

Albert Torres: CEO and Publisher, Tú Decides Media: Kennewick, WA

“Have you ever done something that has made a lasting change in your life? Well, I went through LASIK eye surgery which has changed my outlook on life in more ways than the obvious. I have challenged myself to overcome many of my fears like skydiving but LASIK eye surgery had always remained as one of my top fears. I have worn glasses and contacts for over 25 years and have been waiting for the technology to improve and for more studies to be released regarding LASIK eye surgery. I am now seeing 20/20 with each eye. The best part is that I can now see my children's smiles and facial expressions when they first burst into our bedroom every morning. Every since they were born I have not seen their facial expressions in the morning as they walk into our bedroom until they are within two feet. I can now see my lovely wife and children clearly every time I wake up.”

HOOKER: KISS 103.3FM Morning Show Radio DJ: Boise, ID

“I have been wearing glasses since I was 6! Idaho is hands-down the best for an active outdoor lifestyle. The things I love to do, like wakeboarding, mogul skiing, and who could forget floating the river in the summer, were always a challenge for me. Wearing glasses and going big in the outdoors is never a good combination. I have been wanting to ditch my glasses for years but never thought it was a possibility…either I didn't trust the doctors or couldn't afford it, until I found King LASIK. The difference between them and EVERYONE else was night and day. They were friendly, explained everything on my free consultation, and I finally felt like my vision was as important to them as it was to me. King LASIK took me from geek to chic without any problems!”

Troy Hatt: Actor

“First of all, I thought that the entire staff was very affectionate and warm. They made the procedure feel safe and harmless but still provided the proper facts and possible risks. After treatment, colors are more vibrant and being able to fall asleep is an added bonus! I recommend King LASIK to everyone.”

“Ranger” Rick Stewart: WOW 104.3FM Radio DJ: Boise, ID

“King LASIK is clearly amazing. I have been wearing glasses for the last 10 years. It got to the point I was going out of my way to get my glasses so I could do simple things in life. I bet I have wasted more time and money, just so I could see. Now after just a few minutes with King LASIK, I can see clearly, my life is easier and I swear food even tastes better. Thank you King LASIK for a new LOOK on life. NO glasses, no problem. Love it!”

Chris Leitz: Writer

“I trusted King LASIK with my sight and they didn't let me down. Dr. King and his staff are awesome, the procedure was truly pain free, and I was back playing the sports I love within the first week. I'm now seeing 20/15 and living life without contacts or glasses. If you're considering a laser eye treatment you've got to go with King LASIK!”

Ken Allan Joonyer: JACK 96.9FM Radio DJ: Vancouver, BC

"I'm enjoying 20/10 vision from King LASIK; best thing I've ever done. It's surreal waking up and seeing right away. A few minutes at King LASIK completely changed my life. No pain, no issues, no problems at all. You've been thinking about it. Admit it. You've got nothing to lose by coming in to see if LASIK is for you. Now that I am glasses free, I feel like I am experiencing everything for the first time all over again! From looking at street signs, to riding my Harley! When was the last time you had perfect peripheral vision to see completely around you? It's as if I have brand new eyes. From now on I will never take the simplicity of clear vision for granted."

David Casey

"I wore progressive bifocals for years. I wanted to get rid of them. My vision was so bad, I couldn't drive or read without them. After LASIK, I drive and read. I now only use reading glasses for very small print. The crew at King LASIK takes great care of me too!!!"

Jared Allison: Motocross Racer

"As professional motocross racers PRK eye surgery is a huge advantage for our race team. We now have confidence in our vision going into a big race. Contact lenses just do not work for professional athletes. PRK is an advantage in everyday life. I wake up in the morning with clear vision and clean eyes. As of right now I do not know how I did it before without my PRK eye surgery. The amount of money saved in the long run is totally worth it."

Parker Allison: Motocross Racer

"LASIK is the best investment in my motocross career. I do not struggle with contact lenses on race day anymore. The best part is I can see with sharp vision and excellent depth perception. I encourage everyone to get LASIK surgery; it will pay off and make anything easier. LASIK is the future!"

Phil Aubrey: Classic Rock K-97 Morning Show Radio DJ:
Edmonton, Alberta

"I had my procedure done on a Friday afternoon and bought my first pair of non-prescription sun glasses in 20 years on Sunday. Talk about liberating. From the first consultation to the actual procedure, Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It's hard to believe the procedure takes less than 20 minutes! And just like that, no more glasses or contacts. Not for hockey, not for slow pitch, not for reading the alarm clock in the morning, no more glasses! The whole experience has been wicked. Consider me a fan of King LASIK!"

Dr. Joseph King is a renowned Seattle LASIK surgeon who consistently receives high praise from his Vancouver, Edmonton and Portland LASIK patients. In addition to LASIK in Vancouver Island and throughout Canada, he provides cataract surgery with premium intraocular lenses such as ReSTOR and Crystalens.